Carry-all : TCCH-4-60-1001-SOSAM

Cart TCCH-4-60-1001-SOSAM


Large cart for folding chairs: TCCH-4-60-1001-SOSAM

This large storage cart for folding chairs will meet all your needs. Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, your teams will be able to work quicker and more efficiently with its well-organized and easily accessible storage.

  • Allows for stacking in 6 rows (3 upper, 3 lower) with up to 5 chairs per row on each side, for a total of 60 chairs.
  • The 2 rear wheels are fixed and the 2 front wheels swivel for easy rolling and quick access.
  • Compatible with all Trans-Canada folding chair models and should be suitable for all plastic or metal folding chairs sold by other companies.

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