Table : TCCH-HDPE 2




Our folding plastic banquet table HDPE 2 will please you with its many practical advantages and is suitable for many types of events.

Its high resistance surface is strong, lightweight and durable. It features a system with locking rings that won’t bend like those of our competitors when the table is folded. This allows for superior durability, easy use and assured safety.

Built to last, the folding plastic banquet table HDPE 2 has reinforced welds for added strength. In addition, the bottom of the table is moulded to the retractable legs to allow for perfect interlocking.

The corners are rounded and reinforced to prevent potential damage. Rubber bumpers protect the tables when they are stacked and help keep them in place on the cart.

  • Moulded interior with retractable legs
  • Locking ring system
  • Reinforced outside corners
  • Shell colour: pearl gray
  • Colour of folding legs: black

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